Welcome to the 13th Annual Jr. Spelling Bee MastiSpell.   

Welcome to MastiSpell

What is MastiSpell?
MastiSpell 2020 - Jr. Spelling Bee is a competition where students 4th Grade and under will participate to win the Grand Championship Prize of $1000.  The Bee will have both written-elimination and oral on-stage rounds. For a modest cover charge (at no-profit basis), this family oriented event is planned to encourage learning and participation by our younger generation.

The purpose of MastiSpell is to promote awareness in our youth as to some of the challenges they may have to face and conquer in future.  Statistics and research have proved beyond doubt the value of mastering language(s) and hence communication skills during childhood towards achieving overall life-long success rates.  Our Jr. Spelling Bee is code-named "MastiSpell" -- where 'Masti' means 'fun' especially capturing the naughtiness kind of fun that kids in the younger age groups so vividly display.

MastiSpell 2020 wishes to provide a fun-filled family event where everyone enjoys and becomes a part of the neighborhood and community.

Salient Features of MastiSpell2020 - Jr. Spelling Bee:
The Better Education Endowment proudly presents its Thirteenth Annual Jr. Spelling Bee.

  • Eligibility to compete - Grade K-4.
  • Public, Private, Parochial, Parish and Home-Schooled participants allowed.
  • Not-for-profit event. Nominal registration fees to cover costs of the event.
  • Jr. Spelling Bee will be hosted on Saturday June 27th, 2020, at Stone Hill Middle School, Ashburn-VA.
  • Announcer and Judges from local schools/colleges/organizations.
  • There will be a two-level elimination process. The first level of elimination is a Written quiz for all participants. The second level is the Oral, On-Stage elimination round. Fifty finalists from the written quiz will participate in the second level.
  • The Grand Championship prize is $1000.
  • Cash Prizes for top THREE Grade Level winners for ALL participating grades.
  • Anticipated participants -- 150(max) spellers.
  • Top-spellers are attracted to this premier educational contest from over twenty states from US as well as occasionally from India and China.

MastiSpell Past Educational Achievements:
The Better Education Endowment fosters and promotes educational, literary, charitable, health and cultural objectives through passionate and selfless commitment of its organizers and volunteers, towards furthering the thought that every life, regardless of where it has lived, has equal value.

  • Our not-for-profit Jr. Spelling Bee -- MastiSpell2008 event gathered immense interest in Northern Virginia its inaugural year.
  • In its second year -- MastiSpell2009 attracted top spellers from its neighboring states as well.
  • In its third year -- MastiSpell2010 attracted nearly 200 top spellers representing more than 65 unique Public Elementary Schools and Private Academies from FIVE states VA, MD, DC, WV and NJ.
  • In its fourth year -- MastiSpell2011 attracted nearly 225 top spellers representing more than 100 unique Public Elementary Schools and Private Academies from EIGHT states KS, NC, PA, NY, NJ, MD, DC and VA.
  • In its fifth year -- MastiSpell2012 attracted spellers from TWELVE states -- both far-away states as IL, TX, KS, OH, FL, NY and NJ as well locally from PA, NC, MD, DC and VA.
  • In its sixth year -- MastiSpell2013 attracted spellers from FOURTEEN states. Scripps2013 qualifiers include SIX MastiSpellers.
  • In its seventh year -- MastiSpell2014 attracted spellers from FIFTEEN states. Scripps2014 crowns MastiSpell2011 Champion Vanya Shivashankar as its co-champion.
  • In its eighth year -- MastiSpell crossed the 1000+ spellers-attendance-mark. Scripps2015 qualifiers include over dozen MastiSpellers.
  • In its ninth year -- Top Masti-spellers are attracted to this premier educational contest from over twenty states from US as well as from India and China.
  • In its tenth year -- Top Masti-spellers constituted 10% of Scripps2017 SemiFinalists.
  • Since then -- Top Masti-spellers regularly constitute 20%-25% of Scripps SemiFinalists.
  • Overall 500+ parents, participants and educationists typically attend our fun-filled family-oriented MastiSpell events.
  • Our events have received enthusiastic compliments from Principals of leading Educational Institutes and Management of Corporate Organizations applauding the effort.
  • Check out MastiSpell Champions for 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2008 here.
  • Check out glowing testimonials received for prior MastiSpell events...